Three UV LED nail lamps help you make nail salon

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Making nail salon is essential for girls who enjoy beauty. However, going to the store to make nail salon can take a long time. It is critical to have your own set of nail-making tools at this time. The uv LED nail lamp is one of the equipment; I will now introduce you to three UV LED nail lamps.

1. UV LED Nail Dryer

This lamp has an ultraviolet and LED source that emits curing light between 365 and 405nm, making it ideal for fast drying nail glue. It also has a touch screen, no physical buttons on the dryer, and works automatically when you put your hands in the machine.

2.  Sun Nail Dryer

Sun Nail Dryer can detect your finger and turn itself on or off automatically. Sun  Nail Dryer can be started for thirty seconds each time the switch is pressed. Complete the hand and foot. All gel polishes, including led gel, uv gel, and gel builder, work well with this. There is no need to replace any light bulbs.

3. Sun Nail Lamp

Wholesale original Sun Nail Lamp with 36 pcs LED bulbs 48w power fast curing nail new technology double cure speed with 58watt power when holding button on/off for 2-3 seconds. When you are in a hurry to get outside, the Sun4 Nail Lamp will dry your nails faster than any other machine in 5-10 seconds. The low heat mode allows you to enjoy nail art all the time.

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