Information about Carriage Bolts

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Carriage bolts, also known as coach bolts or round head square neck bolts, are a type of threaded fastener commonly used in woodworking, construction, and other applications where a smooth, low-profile appearance is desired on one side of the connection. They have a distinctive appearance and specific features that make them suitable for various purposes:

1. Head Style: Carriage bolts have a round, dome-shaped head with a square shoulder beneath it. The square shoulder prevents the bolt from rotating when tightened, which is especially important when the bolt is being fastened into wood or another soft material.

2. Thread Design: The threaded portion of a carriage bolt extends from beneath the head to the end of the shaft. These bolts typically have coarse threads for better grip and holding power.

3. Smooth Shank: Unlike some other bolts with threads along the entire length, carriage bolts have an unthreaded, smooth portion of the shank beneath the head. This smooth section allows the bolt to slide easily through a hole in one material while threading into another.

4. Square Neck: The square section beneath the head fits into a square hole or slot in the material being fastened. This square neck prevents the carriage bolt from spinning while you tighten the nut on the opposite end.

Carriage bolts are commonly used in applications where a secure and flush connection is needed, such as attaching hardware to wooden structures, constructing wooden furniture, or fastening metal brackets to wooden beams. The square neck and round head make them particularly suitable for these tasks.

When using carriage bolts, you should make sure that the square neck fits snugly into the square hole or slot in the material you are fastening to. This ensures that the bolt remains stationary while you tighten the nut. Additionally, be mindful of the length of the bolt; it should be long enough to accommodate the thickness of the materials being joined, with some extra length for the nut and any washers used.

Carriage bolts are available in various materials and finishes, so you can choose the one that best suits your specific application, whether it's for indoor or outdoor use.

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